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Successful Import in just 3 Steps

We listen to your requirements including product, cost and lead time. An account manager will be assigned to you once we start working on your project. We have three simple steps to guarantee your import success.

Tell us the product you want

Simply tell us the details about your product, even if its just a prototype. After the payment of the sourcing service is made. Our team in China will find the factory and price/lead time for you, samples will be provided before you sign it off for mass production.

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Production and Quality Control

After the sample is confirmed, we will arrange production and then discuss with you how you want us to do quality checks and related costs.


Delivery to your door

We will find the cheapest route and deliver the good directly to your door, we will take care of all the HMRC and documents.

Why buy from wholesalers?
You can save a lot if you buy directly from the factory

Even if you are already buying from China, we can still save on your costs by way of negotiation, exchange and logistics.

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Our Import Service Covers
Product Sourcing
We source globally based on your product requirements and we will negotiate for you enabling you to receive the best price.
Bespoke Manufacturing
With our links in a wide range of industries, we can prototype and mass manufacture your products.
Cheap Foreign Exchange
Due to the volume of payments we made in foreign currencies we are able to offer you a much cheaper exchange rate than most banks
Bespoke Quality Control
We will sample and test products depending on your requirements of quality control ensuring you get what your ordered not a lesser quality product.
Shipping & Logistics
Again because of the volume of shipments we do every day, we can reduce your shipping cost significantly.
Ship to Door Service
Your total hands off service of peace of mind, we ship directly to your door.
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