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Who are We
SourcingSelling is founded to bridge the gap between the UK and China. We aim to streamline the trade and offer the best price possible. With offices in Shanghai and Nottingham, we have Chinese local teams to facilitate all the business transactions. We have a local purchasing team of more than 100 people covering most cities in China for purchasing and product quality control. We also have an online and offline sales team to sell your product to China.
Some Facts
We found a cheaper supplier for our client 93%
We delivered in time 95%
Customer Satisfaction Rate 95%
We found problems in product quality check 35%
Key Team Members
Craig Stephens
Sales Manager
With more than 20 years dealing with China, Craig is leading the sales team with his in-depth expertise.
UK Key Account Manager
Spencer has been traveling to China many times a year for the last 10 years. Being a Chinese culture enthusiast, he loves travelling deep into the rural area of China.
Stephanie Wong
Procurement Manager
Stephanie was born in Hongkong and then moved to the UK for the past 10 years before she went to Shanghai and lead our purchasing team in there.
Jack Ma
Procurement Manager
Jack has a degree of electrical engineering in the UK and has been working as a purchasing manager for the past 10 years, he leads our purchasing team in Shenzhen
Jia Liu
Account Manager
Jia has a degree of international business and has been working in the international trading for the past 15 years.
Jackie Wang
Logistics Manager
Helen has been working in the UK and China in the past 10 years before she joined us as the logistics manager, her role involves dealing with all the logistics partners to get the best rate.
Pei Guo
Quality Control Manager
Guo has been working in a German company for 6 years before he joined us, he loves English culture and enjoys English tea everyday.
Peter Hua
Chinese Market Sales Manager
Peter leads the sales team for the Chinese market
Teng Xia
Ecommerce Platform Manager
Teng manages his web team for ecommerce platforms like Taobao/Tmall.
Our Partners