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Our Sourcing services help businesses of all sizes and start-ups find the product to make a profit

Are you looking to purchase direct from China? Does the following concern you?

Language and Cultural Barriers
Hidden Costs and Extras
Potential Risk Hazards
Inferior Quality Goods

Source selling whole ethos is to help companies avoid the above highlighted areas as your dedicated account manager will help guide through the right way to buy direct from China giving you competitive buying prices sourcing quality tested products with no comeback.

With dedicated teams in both China and UK, we offer a complete comprehensive range of sourcing services based on your requirements and needs and we will give you a peace of mind. All you need to do is get in contact and tell us your needs and we source the most competitive quality products in your field with no obligation to buy. We will keep you updated on the progress and on any product we can find.

We source in local China

Our native Chinese speaking team account managers often trade on local and informative markets where contacts and relationships are key when sourcing inside China and other parts of Asia


A key area for many people when they look to buy from overseas is a sample product, we will source sample products for you at cost so you can test them and ensure peace of mind before considering a purchase


Source selling offers a free quotation no obligation service this means that our Account directors will source for you without charger and will not obligate you to buy any products, the power is with you the buyer, our job is to facilitate and assist you where and however we can.

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